Activate your light

An intimate 6 week experience to guide you back home to yourself, reignite the beautiful light shining within and find that girl that knows there is more.

This program is here to help you reignite your desire for more joy, to reconnect you with your deepest soul calling, nourish your relationships and embrace your truest and most authentic self.


Activate Your Light is the work that transforms you.

Grab my hand, let’s go.

Are you ready to discover who you really are by understanding your core values and how to use them to guide you to your most aligned work. If you don’t know who you truly are, you will never find that deep, soul activating alignment that we so truly desire. Get ready to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Are you ready to start making SOUL ALIGNED decisions? Let’s spend time deep in the energetics of unlocking your purpose and how to connect with your body for the answers. You’ll experience the ‘full body yes’ moment and will be able to tune into that energy in the future without any interference from the outside world.

Do you have some shitty limiting beliefs? I will guide you through a Belief Systems Upgrade and have you create an aligned vision for a future that lights you up with possibility and inspiration. *disclaimer: this module may have you believing that anything is possible and may result in a massive life upgrade.

Are you ready to manifest your absolute dream life? The new job, a deeper connection with your partner, a family, sand between your toes on the daily… there is nothing that is out of your reach. You will have full access to my signature Manifestation Method and you will be guided to write your Lifescript to manifest your dream life. You will learn how to use this to call in abundance in your business, your personal life, your relationships and your health.

If 2022 is year you want to go from feeling uninspired and unmotivated to fully lit up, full of purpose and deeply aligned with your joy then you’ve found your place. I will teach you how to integrate simple and soulful daily practices into your life to help you stay aligned and grounded in times of challenge and growth and you will be given audio resources to anchor into this alignment well beyond our time together.

I see you, I know you are ready to stop shrinking yourself to make others feel comfortable, I know that you’re finally ready to be fully seen and heard.

so what are you waiting for?

Client Love 

Carly - 

When I first met Dante, I was sad, broken and had lost some purpose in life after a marriage breakup. I decided to make an investment in myself and take Dante’s course after seeing it pop up on my Instagram stories.
I’d never spent this amount of money on myself on something like this in the past. But boy am I glad I did. Dante helped me pick myself back up and guided me to get back in sync with the universe. She was constantly available, always willing to listen and was a shining light in my life after experiencing such heartbreak. I treasure the time I got to spend with Dante in doing this course and I wished I had got to meet her in person before she moved to NSW. Her wisdom is second to none and whenever I felt upset, unbalanced or anxious she helped me firmly set my feet back on the ground. If you are considering doing this course, think of it as an investment into your spirit. Your soul will thank you for it.

Carolyn - 

I just felt so understood and so un-judged when talking about difficult life moments or lack of business growth. Dante's energy was contagious, her insight was spot on and she knew intuitively exactly how to encourage and support me.
I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program. I really don't want it to end. 

Sophie - 

I am so glad I didn't wait any longer to start working with Dante because I finally feel like I've found my purpose. She has helped me reconnect with the things that light me up and I feel like I've found myself again.
She is incredibly intuitive with what I needed and I immediately felt comfortable with being honest and vulnerable with her.
Her guidance in my business has been invaluable and you can tell that she has actually been through the things that she talks about, because her experience is spot on.
I'm so excited about what the next 12 months
has in store for me, because now I finally have a plan.
Thank you Dante x 


your purpose


to your intuition


an aligned vision


limiting beliefs

whats included

+  6 x 1 hour weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom 

+  Access to modules, resources and downloads in private Student Portal

+  Private FB group for accountability & support

+  Lifetime access to program

+  Worksheets and guides

+  Guided Meditation Recordings

+  Affirmations and Journal Prompts



module 1

Discover Your Own Alignment Code

It’s time to remember who you were before the world told you who you should. In this module, you will learn and use your own personal Alignment Code to start making decisions that are 100% aligned to your soul’s calling.

module 2


When you lean into what feels good, you discover your purpose. This module is all about discovering your purpose but connecting and strengthening your intuition and allowing your inner guidance system to be heard. Learn how to become a master at aligned decision making and say goodbye to self doubt.

module 3

The Possibility Edge

It’s time to create a vision that lights you up, start making decisions based on possibilities and shutting down the inner mean girl that’s been holding you back.

module 4

Belief System Upgrade

This is where you will discover how you can change the beliefs you have about yourself that are blocking your abundance, joy and growth.

module 5

Manifest and Flourish

Learn the 4 pillars of my signature Manifestation Method and implement daily rituals to support your deepest desires.

module 6


in this module you will turn the key to activate your light. You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and the journey starts here.

who are you surrounding yourself with this year?

Each week we connect and amplify our energy and frequency as a collective. This is the magic right here.


Get the VIP experience

Our VIP Option includes a 1:1 90 minute Soul Guidance Session with Dante on commencement of the program to dive deeper into your desires and receive guidance for your next sacred steps.


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Acivate Your Light

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A little bit about Dante

 Dante Amato is a Mindset and Growth Coach committed to empowering women to live their dream life by discovering their true purpose and mastering their mindset to one of abundance in every aspect of their lives. She is obsessed with guiding women through expansion.

Utilising a holistic coaching style coupled with her own personal experience of inner transformation, Dante equips women with the tools and strategies required to move in the direction of their best life with a deeper sense of intuition and aligned decision making.

With a nurturing approach, Dante supports women on the sometimes-uncomfortable journey of self-discovery and healing, allowing them to connect more deeply with their own inner knowing, nourish their nervous system and most importantly live their most aligned life.

Dante is the founder of The You Project and host of the podcast Soul Conversations with Dante.

Somewhere in the cosmos there is a future version of you looking back at you with so much pride at just how far you have come.

she’s in awe of where you are going.

Your life will only start to change when you decide you've finally had enough of the stories you've been telling yourself your whole life keeping you small and safe, and start owning every decision, every choice and every move. You only get one go. What are you waiting for?