Expansion Mentor For Soul-Led Entrepreneurs

Create a life
obsessed with:


Create a life
obsessed with:


My purpose is your expansion in every aspect of your life

Feeling the pull to join my world? Are you ready to become your most authentic + abundant self and create a life you are obsessed with?

When you journey with me in my private mentoring space, my purpose is your expansion in every aspect of your life. 
 I’m here to hold space for you to expand beyond your wildest dreams, supporting you as you journey to your growth edge and beyond.

My style of mentoring is different, I am different, and I know that’s why you’re here.  When we journey together, you won’t just get my frameworks, modalities and processes, you also get access to a world of spiritual guidance, personal evolution and intuitively led support.

The fact that you are here, ready to access that part of you (as well as my spiritual guidance and psychic gifts) means that you are about too fast track your evolution ten fold. It will change the way you do business and life, and I am so excited to connect with you.


Experience a whole new frequency inside your business & life as you journey with me, your spiritual business mentor for 6 months inside this mastermind. 


The You Project 

To find your purpose is to find YOU. The You Project is the ultimate space for personal growth, self discovery and next level expansion.


Private Mentoring 

A VIP one on one experience to help you expand, anchor and call in a life and business you are obsessed with. 


A podcast for all things mindset, manifestation & aligned entrepreneurship

Welcome to Soul Conversations with Dante, a podcast for all things mindset, manifestation and aligned entrepreneurship.

As a Mindset and Growth Coach I am 100% obsessed with helping you blend spiritual flow and intuition in your business and all parts of your life, and I am here to teach you how to follow your bliss, find your flow and manifest all the magic and abundance that is destined for you.