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A high frequency Mastermind deeply anchored in business growth, life expansion and spiritual practices.


The Experience

Experience a whole new frequency inside your business + life as you journey with Spiritual Business Mentor Dante Amato for 6 months inside the Expansion Mastermind.

Expansion Mastermind is mentorship and intuitively led support that is deeply anchored in groundedness + alignment, and it’s going to fast track the pathway to the life and abundance you desire.  This space is more than just business growth, it’s life expansion, human evolution and personal development.

Whether you are at the beginning of your business journey or you have an established brand, Expansion Mastermind will cultivate more alignment, offers that feel good for your soul and an upgrade in your frequency that will create ultimate magnetism.

The Pathway

✔ 6 months of Live Mentoring inside an intimate Mastermind Container

✔ Soul Led Business Framework

✔ Energetics + Frequency Practices

✔ Wealth Rituals + Mindset Strategies for Abundance

✔ Manifestation Framework

✔ PLUS all the Spiritual and Intuitive aspects of living a truly aligned life.


This is for you if you if you desire

Having multiple minds (really smart and aligned ones) to reflect and deep dive with you while you evolve and grow is powerful. The power of perspective and collective wisdom is how I exploded my business so quickly. I want this for you too.

The proximity to conversations you can’t have with your current circle are the ones that you need to be having in order for you to move through your evolution. Those conversations live within a Mastermind.

Community. Take a seat at a table in a frequency that will propel your business forward. Trust me when I say, when big conversations are normal, a big life becomes normal.

Masterminds are a space of connection, trust and a place you look forward to coming to. I get to work with the most incredible women (like they are out of this world) and I want to be the one that brings them all together in one place to create magic.

There is nothing like the collective energy of women doing business differently.


Spiritually anchored.

And led by desire.

It’s heart over hustle.

This is The Expansion Mastermind.


What's Included:

  • Fortnightly Live Calls
  • 1:1 Kick off Call with Dante
  • Group Voice Chat for Intuitive Guidance & Group Mentoring

Bonus - All Access Pass to:

  • Soul Led Business Framework Online Course
  • Manifest + Flourish Online Course
  • Expansion On-Demand Mindset Modules

And Guest Experts:

  • Branding Expert Shani Timms 
  • Finance + Wealth Coach Betsy Wescott

And more to come.


I’m here to hold space for you in this Mastermind Experience to expand beyond your wildest dreams, supporting you as you journey to your growth edge and beyond.

My style of mentoring is different, I am different, and I know that’s why you’re here. 

In this Mastermind, you won’t just get my frameworks, modalities and processes, you also get access to a world of spiritual guidance, personal evolution and intuitively led support.

The fact that you are here, ready to access that part of you (as well as my spiritual guidance and psychic gifts) means that you are about to fast track your evolution ten fold


The Investment


Or 6 monthly payments of $850
*price will increase to $7,500 in 2024


'Unwavering support & encouragement'

Since becoming a part of the Mastermind, I no longer feel like I’m navigating my business journey alone. I am so fortunate to have Dante as a mentor, providing unwavering support and encouragement. I’m surrounded by an incredible network of women who share valuable insights, benefiting both them and myself and I’m able to contribute in a meaningful way.

- Chevell

'Grounded, nurturing, & dynamic'

Dante’s presence is transformative; she creates a grounded, nurturing, and dynamic environment for all of us. Her attention to detail and genuine care leave me deeply moved. Trying to put into words how extraordinary Dante is feels inadequate; she is a truly magical soul. What resonates most with me about this Mastermind community is that I came in seeking support and encouragement, and have received that and so much more in an instant. It’s a space where I feel at ease to share, give back, learn, and grow. All the endeavors I attempted solo are now thriving due to the energy, inspiration, and support within this environment.

- Rachel

'Dante’s energy is grounding & real'

Being in Dante’s energy is grounding and real. She holds incredible space to explore and stretch with a calm presence. What I love most about the mastermind is the women in the group. Being a small group, there is no hiding. The opportunity to fully expand, witness and support each other’s growth is so expansive

- Peta